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Dark Age Defense

$ 67.00

Dark Age Defense™ is the only blueprint on the planet, designed to prepare folks for the impending power grid failure, which — according to declassified government documents — could happen as early as next week. It’s also the only survival blueprint to leverage the one-of-a-kind Infinity Coil technology.

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$ 69.00

Velocity is a simpler, easier and faster way of making an Infinity Coil. This is for people who don’t have experience with electricity, and who don’t consider themselves as “handy.” It’s designed for people who don’t have time to read the Dark Age Defense blueprint cover-to-cover, but want to build an Infinity Coil anyway.

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Combat Defense Secrets

$ 29.00

Combat Defense Secrets is a compact manual on how to defend yourself in hand-to-hand combat situations — even if you’re weak, frail, and HATE confrontation. It reveals a handful of lethal techniques that virtually turn your body into a deadly weapon. This is going to be essential once society fragments after our power grid goes down for the count.

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$ 67.00/mo

The B.O.S.S Membership program called B.O.S.S. is an exclusive community where you'll get new information through emails and SMS about the coming “Blackout Day” (the day when our power grid topples)... along with tips on survival, making your own food, water, bugout bags, etc.